The Implementation of Maternity Group Home Programs: Serving Pregnant and Parenting Teens in a Residential Setting. Endnotes


1 The high level of supervision in the homes in this study is, in part, by design, since, as discussed in Chapter I, our definition of maternity group homes excluded programs that did not provide substantial supervision to their residents.

2 In some cases, the strictness of program rules may be related to the specific population served.For example, homes that serve younger teens may have stricter rules than those serving older residents.In addition, some homes serve primarily residents who are in state custody or on probation, or who are required to live in the home as a condition of retaining custody of their child.Because these populations may be considered to need more supervision, the homes that specialize in serving them may have stricter rules.

3 However, many staff recognize that some residents will be sexually active regardless of any rules against such activity.Homes often include lessons on pregnancy prevention in their life-skills curricula.

4 Even when a resident is evicted from one home, she is not necessarily barred from other homes in the same network.In Massachusetts, for example, where the state is obligated to place every eligible teen parent, residents who violate program rules can be moved from one home to another until they find a situation that works.

5 In addition, a few homes provide outreach case management services to other nonresidents, typically pregnant and parenting teens living in other settings who are (a) eligible for, but not interested in, the residential component of the program, or (b) unable to live in the home due to capacity limitations or eligibility requirements.Most of the maternity group homes in New Mexico’s state network provide case management services to nonresident pregnant and parenting teens.In some other sites, the homes themselves do not offer services to nonresidents, but their parent organization does.

6 Some homes encourage volunteer work for those who are not ready for a regular job.One home even hires residents who have completed high school as interns and pays them minimum wage to perform clerical duties.

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