The Implementation of Maternity Group Home Programs: Serving Pregnant and Parenting Teens in a Residential Setting. Chapter 3. Services Provided By Maternity Group Homes


The potential of maternity group home programs to address the numerous problems facing pregnant and parenting teens rests in the range of services they provide to their residents. Pregnant and parenting teens and their children have a wide variety of needs. One of the most basic needs that maternity group homes can address is that of secure housing. Homes can go well beyond that, however, to offer a substantial amount of adult supervision and provide a structured environment for their residents with a set of rules all must follow. Maternity group home programs also can provide a comprehensive array of support services to their residents, both to address their immediate needs and to prepare them for independent living and self-sufficiency in the longer term.

In this chapter, we describe what life is like at the maternity group homes in our study and what these homes offer their residents. In particular, we discuss the types of services provided by maternity group homes and how these services are delivered to residents. We address the following research questions:

  1. What sorts of facilities house maternity group home programs? How large are these homes? What is life like for those living there?
  2. How structured is life in a maternity group home? How much supervision do the homes provide to their residents? What kinds of rules must residents follow, and how are these rules enforced?
  3. What other types of services do maternity group home programs provide to their residents?

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