Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs. Program Delivery

All four programs began serving youth in elementary and middle school, when few among the target population had become sexually active. Two of the programs  My Choice, My Future! and ReCapturing the Vision  served youth beginning in seventh and eighth grade, when they were, on average, about 13 years of age. The other two programs  Teens in Control and FUPTP  served youth beginning in fourth and fifth grade, when they were, on average, 10 to 11 years of age. ReCapturing the Vision only served girls; the other three programs served both boys and girls.

The four programs also differed by whether they were elective or non-elective. My Choice, My Future! and Teens in Control were both non-elective programs that met during the school day much like any other class. Students could only "opt out" of consideration for the class if their parents gave permission. ReCapturing the Vision was an elective program whereby girls who were identified by school and program staff as potential candidates had the choice of participating or not. After students chose to participate, however, the program had required attendance like any other class. FUPTP was also an elective program, but youth could attend on a voluntary basis.

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