Impacts of Four Title V, Section 510 Abstinence Education Programs. Lessons Learned


The national evaluation of Title V, Section 510 abstinence education programs has been conducted over a period of nine years. It started just after the funding authorization in 1998 and focused on the first generation of the A-H abstinence education programs. The evaluation has included both implementation and impact analyses, with multiple site visits to observe the programs and longitudinal follow-up of study youth over a period of four to six years. Several prior DHHS study reports document the implementation experiences of the schools and communities operating the programs and first year impacts of the programs on potential mediating outcomes (Devaney et al. 2002; Maynard et al. 2005; Clark and Devaney 2006). These reports, together with this final impact report, highlight several important considerations for addressing persistent concerns associated with teen sexual activity.

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