Impact on Young Children and Their Families 2-Years After Enrollment: Methods: How Did We Study Impacts on Children? . Overview

Chapter 1 addressed the question of why it is important to focus on the effects of JOBS programs on children. We turn now to the question of how child impacts were studied in the NEWWS Child Outcomes Study and, more specifically, in the two-year follow-up wave of the study.

We begin by providing the context for the two-year follow-up. An overview is provided of the design of the National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies (NEWWS), and of the NEWWS Child Outcomes Study that is embedded within it. We then describe the procedures and measures specific to the two-year follow-up survey of the Child Outcomes Study, noting especially how children's developmental outcomes were assessed. We conclude with an overview of our strategy for analysis of the data regarding child outcomes.

The focus here is on design, procedures, measures and analysis strategy. Chapters 3 and 4 complement the present chapter: Chapter 3 by providing a description of the three study sites (demographic context as well as information about how the various types of welfare-to-work program strategies, under the auspice of the JOBS Program, were implemented at each site), and Chapter 4 by providing a detailed description of the study sample at each site.