Impact of Insurance Expansion on Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs in 2014. II. Changes in Hospital Uncompensated Care in 2014


While we know that the number of people without any source of health insurance coverage decreased and the number of people covered by Medicaid increased in the first two quarters of 2014, the impact of these changes on the utilization of hospital services and on hospitals’ provision of UCC is as yet unknown. Therefore, the intent of this section is to provide an early picture of changes in Hospital UCC using available data. We first provide a background discussion of what we know about coverage expansion numbers thus far in 2014. We next use data from the financial reporting of five large, for-profit, hospital groups and from member surveys conducted by several hospital associations on how the recent ACA-driven coverage expansion has translated into changes in the volume and payor mix of admitted patients and patients seen in the emergency department in the first two quarters of 2014. Finally, we discuss how these changes likely translate into changes in UCC.

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