Impact of Insurance Expansion on Hospital Uncompensated Care Costs in 2014. Appendix B Table: The Association Between Hospital Uncompensated Care and the Numbers of Uninsured and Medicaid-Covered Individuals, 2011-2012


  Uncompensated Care (Total) Bad Debt Charity Care
Uninsured 0.344*** 0.128** 0.216***
  (0.0837) (0.0537) (0.0699)
Medicaid -0.292** -0.0249 -0.267*
  (0.138) (0.0744) (0.136)
Observations 102 102 102
R-squared 0.998 0.993 0.999

Robust standard errors are reported in parentheses.

*** p-value<0.01; ** p-value<0.05; * p-value<0.10.

Source: ASPE calculations from CMS Hospital Cost Reports and U.S. Census Bureau data available publicly from and from

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