The Impact of Access Regulation on Health Insurance Market Structure. Appendix A: the Health Insurer Database


The Health Insurer Database was compiled by Alpha Center with grant funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Health Insurer Database contains information about every health insurer in the U.S. that wrote at least $500,000 of major medical insurance coverage in any state in 1995, 1996 or 1997. Much of the database was compiled from publicly available data reported to state departments of insurance, departments of health, or (in California) the Department of Corporations. However, because much of the database’s information about commercial insurers was obtained from confidential responses to a survey conducted by Alpha Center, the final database is proprietary.

The Health Insurer Database was compiled in three segments, reflecting differences in the states’ reporting requirements and regimes for each of the major types of insurers -- commercial insurers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations, and health maintenance organizations.