HUD/HHS/VA Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness: Preliminary Client Outcomes Report. Summary Measures of Service Use


The total number of outpatient visits for all services increased from 11.2 at baseline to 12.1 at 3-months, and then declined to 8.6 and 8.8 at 9 and 12-months, while. the proportion of the six key service components received by each client rose from 64% at baseline to 81% 3 months after entering the program and remained fairly constant thereafter (bottom line of upper panel of Table 7). This suggests that clients remained engaged in most aspects of the CICH intervention during their first year in the program, although use of outpatient services decreased after the first 3 month assessment.

The average number of individual providers decreased over time from 4.5 at 3-months to 4.0 at 9 and 12-months, while the index of subjectively experienced coordination of services (range 0-2) increased from 1.1 at baseline to 1.3 at 3-months and thereafter (Table 7).

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