HUD/HHS/VA Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness: Preliminary Client Outcomes Report. Limitations


The major limitation of this preliminary report is that the comparison group used in examining the effectiveness of the CICH program was not identified through random assignment. Five sites recruited a comparison group, and these clients turned-out to differ from CICH clients on 80 of 290 baseline measures examined. Nevertheless, after adjustment, the housing benefits of CICH emerged quite robustly.

The other (second) major characteristics, albeit not necessarily a limitation, is the considerable variation observed across program sites, including recruitment procedures, target client populations, the use of scattered site vs. congregate (SRO hotel) housing placements, geographic region, etc. While we have statistically adjusted for site differences, such adjustment can only partially reduce variability across sites.

This variability may, in fact, be a strength of the CICH demonstration because it shows that program objectives were achieved across a heterogeneous array of sites. Real-world dissemination of new initiatives invariably takes place in a complex and diverse array of locations.

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