HUD/HHS/VA Collaborative Initiative to Help End Chronic Homelessness: Preliminary Client Outcomes Report. Data collection


Client data were collected by full-time VA employees serving as "evaluation assistants," one at each site. These evaluation assistants were responsible for recruiting participants, collecting screening/intake forms completed by case managers, and administering baseline assessment interviews at entry into the formal program evaluation, along with quarterly follow-up assessment interviews for up to 3 years. Follow-up interviews were to be administered regardless of clients' housing or treatment status i.e., evaluation assistants were to continue the administration of follow-up interviews to clients who remained engaged in treatment, as well as those who discontinued participation in either housing or case management services throughout the Initiative.

Data collection began at the start of program initiation at each site, from March  August 2004, and is intended to continue through September 2007. The data presented in this report were collected from the start of the project through mid-May, 2006, and represent 97% of all anticipated 3-month data, 93% of 6-month data, 88% of 9-month data, and 81% of all 12-month data to be collected. Thus we have limited 3-year data, but have nearly complete 1-year outcome data that have been collected and are available for presentation in this preliminary report.

Because comparison group recruitment began approximately one year after CICH client recruitment and lasted an average of 6 months (range 2 months in New York to 12 months in Martinez), we extended the data collection "cut-point" from mid-May 2006 to early November 2006 when comparing the two groups to provide enough 9 and 12-month follow-up observations for preliminary multivariate analyses of longitudinal patterns of service use and outcomes during the first year of CICH program operation.

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