How Well Have Rural and Small Metropolitan Labor Markets Absorbed Welfare Recipients?. Acknowledgments


Work on this project was funded by the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under a contract to The Lewin Group. This report has benefited greatly from the oversight and input of Laura Chadwick, the ASPE Project Officer, and her predecessor, Davy Norris.

The cooperation of staff from the Department of Labor and state staff in the regions have been critical to the completion of this report. From the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Douglas Himes provided data from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey for the MSAs, Bernard Bell provided data from the ES-202 system for the MSAs, and Alan Eck provided the education and training codes. From the state labor agencies, William Niblack in Missouri, Jonathan Cole in New York, and Dwayne Stevenson in Oregon provided data from the ES-202 system for the non-MSA regions. From the welfare state agencies, Deborah Wood in Alabama, Richard Koon in Missouri, Chris Christmas in Mississippi, Jine Gleason in New York, Sue Johns in Oregon, Susan Banks in South Carolina, Harriet Drewery in Tennessee, Debra Tighe in Vermont, and Janet VanVleck and Beth Dorschner in Wisconsin provided AFDC/TANF caseload information.

At The Lewin Group, Stephanie Laud and Eunice Lee assisted with the data collection effort, Brian Simonson assisted with the analysis, and Darla Webb assisted with the report's production.