How Effective Are Different Welfare-to-Work Approaches? Five-Year Adult and Child Impacts for Eleven Programs. Child Care


The pattern of impacts in the COS sample on measures of employment-related child care does not appear to explain differences in child impacts across programs. There were increases in the use of child care after leaving welfare (because of earnings) in both programs in Atlanta and Riverside, and in the LFA program in Grand Rapids; however, these programs did not have uniformly favorable or unfavorable impacts on children. Likewise, when impacts on the use of transitional child care benefits emerged in the COS sample, the programs increased the use of this benefit, yet impacts on young children within these programs were, again, both favorable and unfavorable.

Impacts on young children's supervision and child care during nonschool hours occurred almost exclusively in the Riverside site and, therefore, cannot explain the pattern of child impacts found across the programs.