How Are Immigrants Faring After Welfare Reform?. Weights


To compensate for stratification in the sample design and for non-response, weights were developed for LANYCIS. There are alternative sets of weights, depending on whether the unit of analysis is the household, family, or focal person. The weights were designed to account for the sampling approach used for each responding household and the probability of selection of that household. To ensure that the data correspond--at least in basic parameters--with Census data, we added post-stratification adjustments to the weights based on Current Population Survey data for Los Angeles County and New York City, averaging three years of the March 1997, 1998, and 1999 samples. The LANYCIS weights were designed to bring population totals for each city into correspondence with Census data when considering the following factors: poverty level and composition of families (i.e., those with and without and elders), and gender, age, schooling and country of origin for family members.

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