HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Our Core Values


  • Deliver results
  • Be accountable
  • Focus on prevention
  • Create collaborations
  • Provide information
  • Seek scientific knowledge
  • Maintain a creative work environment

In the Department's ongoing management of its programs, and in our strategic planning process, we have been guided by a set of core values that define the HHS organizational culture. These are:

  • To deliver results that are satisfactory and useful both to the people and communities that are directly served by the Department's programs and to the American people who pay for these programs.

  • To be an accountable steward of the Department's programs and to enhance the efficiency and quality of the services provided to our customers.

  • To focus consistently on the prevention of health and social problems, including the prevention of discrimination in the provision of health and human services.

  • To create useful, effective forms of collaboration in regulation, research, service delivery, and management.

  • To provide accurate, reliable, understandable, and timely information to our customers, constituents, and stakeholders.

  • To seek out and apply the most current scientific knowledge when making decisions that affect the public health or human services.

  • To maintain a work environment that encourages creativity, diversity, innovation, teamwork, accountability, continuous learning, a sense of urgency, enthusiasm, celebration of achievement, and the highest ethical standards.