HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 6.6 - Improve the Communication and Application of Health Research Results


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

We will increase our use of technology to expand our dissemination capacity and reduce the time it takes to provide information to stakeholders, including the use of multiple media channels (such as print, television, radio, and the interactive World Wide Web) and the electronic gathering and transfer of information.

We will use new information technology to facilitate the wide and rapid dissemination of new research findings across research disciplines to bridge the practice gaps among clinical and public health disciplines.

We will establish partnerships with health professional associations, industry groups, patient representatives, and purchasers of care to more widely disseminate research findings.

6.6 Implementation Strategies
  • Technology
  • Partnerships
  • HHS Website Development
  • Research

We will improve linkages and organization of HHS web sites that disseminate research results to improve the reach and effectiveness of our communications.

We will support research and other activities designed to develop better information dissemination models and communication programs.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective: