HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 6.4 - Accelerate Private-Sector Development of New Drugs, Biologic Therapies, and Medical Technology


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

We will accelerate development by:Chemistry set

  • applying state-of-the-art science knowledge to ensure timely review of important new medical products.

  • streamlining the review processes for approval of new drugs, therapies, and technology.

  • increasing communications and collaboration (e.g., cooperative research and development agreements) with sponsors both before and during the review process.

  • harmonizing regulatory standards with those of other industrial nations.

6.4 Implementation Strategies
  • Science Capacity
  • Streamlining Review Process
  • Communication
  • Harmonizing Standards
  • Priority Setting
  • prioritizing the review of new drugs and medical devices, paying special attention to drugs and devices that offer the greatest potential for treating serious or life-threatening diseases.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective: