HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 5.2 - Improve the Safety of Food, Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biological Products


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

We will access state-of-the-art science Fruitsnecessary for timely and credible regulatory decisions by:

  • recruiting top scientists.

  • engaging in continuous training of the professional work force.

  • maintaining up-to-date laboratories and equipment.

  • participating in exchange programs with academia, public, and private sector organizations.

  • engaging in collaborative, targeted research with the greater scientific community to address critical public health and safety issues.

We will improve food safety by:

  • expanding and providing technical assistance to the foodborne diseases surveillance network (FoodNet) to increase its capacity to identify sources of foodborne pathogens.

5.2 Implementation Strategies
  • Science Capacity
  • Food Safety
  • Drug Safety
  • Medical Device Safety
  • Biological Products Safety
  • developing new methods for fingerprinting bacterial, viral, and parasitic foodborne pathogens.

  • evaluating risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness and implementing control measures to minimize the impact of these factors.

  • providing training and education for consumers and state and local public health professionals on preventing and detecting foodborne illness.

  • promoting adoption of the 1999 model food code through educational campaigns and training programs.

  • increasing international collaboration with and technical assistance to other countries to improve surveillance systems and expand the global sharing of surveillance information.

  • developing, disseminating, and conducting training on Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices for domestic fresh produce growers, packers, and shippers.

We will improve drug safety by:

  • processing Jars of pillsand responding quickly to reports of adverse drug events through the Adverse Events Reporting System.

  • inspecting drug manufacturing and repackaging establishments to ensure conformance with good manufacturing practices.

  • making more easily understandable information about choosing and taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs available to consumers and health professionals to prevent misuse.

  • developing safer vaccines.

We will improve the safety of medical devices by:

  • inspecting Unit of bloodmammography facilities annually and taking enforcement action against those that do not meet acceptable standards for safety and quality.

  • inspecting medical device manufacturing establishments and reinspecting those showing serious deficiencies to ensure that they have complied with established standards.

  • expanding the national network of hospitals and clinics that recognize and report adverse events relating to medical devices.

We will improve the safety of biological products by:

  • processing and responding quickly to reports of adverse biological events through the Adverse Events Reporting System.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective:


  • inspecting (and reinspecting) biological manufacturing, repackaging, and blood bank establishments for conformance with safety and purity standards.