HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 4.3 - Improve Consumer and Patient Protection


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

We will implement the Consumers' Bill of Rights and Medical fileResponsibilities in HHS health care programs and advocate for passage of a National Patients' Bill of Rights.

We will evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of provider grievance and complaint procedures in HHS health care programs. This will include:

  • providing patients with information on how to exercise their grievance and appeal rights.

4.3 Implementation Strategies
  • Consumer Bill of Rights
  • Monitoring Grievances/Complaints
  • Protection and Advocacy
  • Promoting Privacy
  • Survey and Certification
  • Encouraging Culturally Appropriate Services
  • investigating allegations of discrimination.

  • developing clear and easy to understand informed consent documents.

  • requiring organizations coming into our provider networks (e.g., Medicare+Choice organizations and other organizations with which we contract) to meet prescribed standards for grievance and appeal processes.

We will provide training and technical assistance to improve protection and advocacy programs for the elderly, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled individuals.

We will issue and enforce privacy regulations authorized under HIPAA medical records privacy provisions and promote the adoption of comprehensive privacy legislation.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective:


We will continue to establish standards and conduct survey and certification activities for participation in Medicare and Medicaid by health care providers, including clinical laboratories.

We will encourage provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate health care services using incentives, such as awards to grantees/service delivery partners who model excellence in culturally competent practice.