HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 4.2 - Increase Consumer and Patient Use of Health Care Quality Information


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

We will disseminate and publicize Analyzing informationculturally and linguistically appropriate health care quality information to consumers and patients through provider networks and other partners. Some key elements of our strategy will be to:

  • develop an annual report on national trends in the quality of health care and provide it to the American people beginning in FY 2003.

  • disseminate consumer-oriented report cards for patients receiving mental health services and their families.

  • disseminate culturally and linguistically appropriate health care quality information.

  • develop,

    4.2 Implementation Strategies
    • Disseminating Health Care Quality Information
    • Research

    test, and disseminate web-based patient education tools and materials, such as information on health care quality, on the HHS web site.

We will support research and evaluation activities to establish scientific and public health information that will enable individuals to make informed health service choices. We will focus on:

  • developing, testing, and disseminating quality measures that are effective and useful to consumers and patients for making choices about treatment and health plan selection.

  • developing and testing better methods of presenting information on quality to both general and specialized audiences.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective: