HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . Objective 2.3 - Improve the Healthy Development and Learning Readiness of Preschool Children


How We Will Accomplish Our Objective

To promote learning readiness of preschool children from Children readinglow income families, we will work to improve access to and the quality of developmental services. The core of this strategy will be:

  • expanding Head Start and high quality childcare programs to serve more children.

  • promoting service partnerships among Head Start, childcare, pre-kindergarten, and family literacy programs for low-income families and their children.

  • conducting research and program evaluation, and developing and implementing performance measures to improve the quality of Head Start and childcare programs.

  • identifying strategies that address the need for a trained quality workforce in Head Start and childcare programs.

We will work to increase access to and the effectiveness of health services for preschool children from low-income families. The core of this strategy will involve:

  • linking low-income and disadvantaged children in early childhood settings with health care providers (e.g., Maternal and Child Health, Community Health Centers, mental health programs, State Children's Health Insurance Program, and Medicaid).

2.3 Implementation Strategies
  • Developmental Services
  • Health Services
  • providing American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start children with essential health services, including immunizations, dental services, and other well-childcare.

  • augmenting programs in early childhood centers to include behavioral health services.

  • providing training and technical assistance to Head Start staff and the parents of Head Start children in health promotion and disease prevention.

  • conducting research on environmental factors that affect physical and cognitive development of young children (e.g., lead poisoning, violence, and prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol) and using the results from this research to develop more effective interventions.

HHS Agencies contributing to this objective:


  • providing funding to state and local health departments to identify children at risk for childhood lead poisoning - a significant developmental hazard to children (also see Objective 1.8)

Woman reading to children