HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives - FY 2001 . The HHS Strategic Goals and Objectives



Reduce the Major Threats to the Health and Productivity of All Americans
Objective 1.1 Reduce tobacco use, especially among youth
Objective 1.2 Reduce the incidence and impact of injuries and violence in American society
Objective 1.3 Improve the diet and the level of physical activity of Americans
Objective 1.4 Reduce alcohol abuse and prevent underage drinking>
Objective 1.5 Reduce the abuse and illicit use of drugs
Objective 1.6 Reduce unsafe sexual behaviors
Objective 1.7 Reduce the incidence and impact of infectious diseases
Objective 1.8 Reduce the impact of environmental factors on human health


Improve the Economic and Social Well-Being of Individuals, Families, and Communities in the United States
Objective 2.1 Improve the economic independence of low income families, including those receiving welfare
Objective 2.2 Increase the parental involvement and financial support of non-custodial parents in the lives of their children
Objective 2.3 Improve the healthy development and learning readiness of preschool children
Objective 2.4 Improve the safety and security of children and youth
Objective 2.5 Increase the proportion of older Americans who stay active and healthy
Objective 2.6 Increase independence and quality of life of persons with long-term-care needs
Objective 2.7 Improve the economic and social development of distressed communities


Improve Access to Health Services and Ensure the Integrity of the Nation's Health Entitlement and Safety Net Programs
Objective 3.1 Increase the percentage of the nation's children and adults who have health insurance coverage
Objective 3.2 Eliminate disparities in health access and outcomes
Objective 3.3 Increase the availability of primary health care services for underserved populations
Objective 3.4 Protect and improve the health and satisfaction of beneficiaries in Medicare and Medicaid
Objective 3.5 Enhance the fiscal integrity of Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) programs and purchase the best value health care for beneficiaries
Objective 3.6 Improve the health status of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN)
Objective 3.7 Increase the availability and effectiveness of services for the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS
Objective 3.8 Increase the availability and effectiveness of mental health care services
Objective 3.9 Increase the availability and effectiveness of health services for children with special health care needs


Improve the Quality of Health Care and Human Services
Objective 4.1 Enhance the appropriate use of effective health services
Objective 4.2 Increase consumer and patient use of health care quality information
Objective 4.3 Improve consumer and patient protection
Objective 4.4 Develop knowledge that improves the quality and effectiveness of human services practice


Improve the Nation's Public Health Systems Objective
Objective 5.1 Improve the capacity of the public health system to identify and respond to threats to the health of the nation's population
Objective 5.2 Improve the safety of food, drugs, medical devices, and biological products


Strengthen the Nation's Health Science Research Enterprise and Enhance its Productivity
Objective 6.1 Advance the scientific understanding of normal and abnormal biological functions and behaviors
Objective 6.2 Improve our understanding of how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease and disability
Objective 6.3 Enhance our understanding of how to improve the quality, effectiveness, utilization, financing, and cost-effectiveness of health services
Objective 6.4 Accelerate private-sector development of new drugs, biologic therapies, and medical technology
Objective 6.5 Strengthen and diversify the base of well-qualified health researchers
Objective 6.6 Improve the communication and application of health research results
Objective 6.7 Strengthen mechanisms for ensuring the protection of human subjects in research and the integrity of the research process