HHS Research Initiative Regarding Transformations in Health and Human Services: Report of the Working Group. Data Resources Related to Understanding Transformations in Health/Human Services


The Department is one of the leaders in the federal government with respect to sponsoring national data collections related to health services, human services, and the well-being of Americans. For example, the National Vital Statistics System, the National Health Interview Survey, the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, and the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey all are uniquely important resources for policy-makers, analysts, and other scholars at all levels of government and elsewhere throughout the health community. Further, the Department cooperates actively with other Departments of the federal government in developing and applying major public-use data collections such as the Survey of Income and Program Participation, which is conducted by the Bureau of the Census.

The Department also amasses and maintains a wide variety of administrative data that, through appropriate analysis, can provide insights about services and impacts that otherwise might not be readily attainable. One example is the wealth of information associated with health-care transactions financed by Medicare and Medicaid. Other examples are administrative reports associated with categorical grants such as those supporting Community Health Centers or block grants such as those for Maternal and Child Health. Still other examples are the Multi-State Foster Care Data Archive and the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. Section 1C of the Appendix provides summary information on major data resources for which agencies of the Department play a leading role -- either as the primary sponsor or in collaboration with partners elsewhere in government and/or the private sector.