HHS Plan for Integration of Surveys. Major Goals of the HHS Plan for Survey Consolidation


• A more rational, systematic strategy for collection of data on key health issues.

• The filling of a critical gap by the production of annual estimates of health care expenditures, insurance coverage, and employer-related insurance costs.

• The continued ability to meet public health data needs now met through ongoing population and provider- based surveys, within a framework that also allows for expansion to meet unmet public health data needs.

• An enhancement of the analytic capabilities of HHS surveys, allowing multiple HHS data collection efforts to be linked analytically through the use of common core questionnaire, common sampling frames, and common definitions and terms.

• An overall reduction the burden imposed on survey respondents by HHS, below what would have been required in independent surveys to meet the same data needs.

• Efficiencies in sampling, data collection, questionnaire design, and survey operations, allowing more of HHS' resources to be focused on meeting high priority data needs.

This consolidation creates a framework in which nearly all of the major surveys of HHS will be significantly restructured and redesigned.