HHS Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated to the Public. VII. Influential Scientific, Financial, and Statistical Information


The OMB Information Quality Guidelines require that "influential" scientific, financial, or statistical information in official Government documents must be based on studies that can be substantially reproduced if the original or supporting data were to be independently reanalyzed using the same methods. "Influential" when used in the phrase "influential scientific, financial, or statistical information" means that the AoA can reasonably determine that dissemination of the information will have or does have a clear and substantial impact on important public policies or important private sector decisions, or will have important consequences for specific health practices, technologies, substances, products, or firms.

AoA is committed to applying rigorous professional standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of research results. For professional and technical documents, AoA regularly seeks input from qualified analysts and experts from both within and outside AoA to insure that these influential materials are appropriate, accurate, complete, and of high quality (including objective, useful, and valid) prior to dissemination.

AoA continues to encourage the sharing of data and methods where practicable. Since the influence and implications of AoA-disseminated information cannot always be fully anticipated, all AoA reports are expected to state clearly how analytic results are generated -- the specific data used, various assumptions, specific analytic methods, statistical procedures, sources of error -- making the analysis sufficiently transparent so as to be capable of being reproduced. AoA advocates the archiving of data where feasible to facilitate the reproducibility of influential information.