HHS Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated to the Public. VI. Influential Scientific, Financial and Statistical Information


Given the OPHS mission, from time to time, OPHS offices disseminate information that is regarded as influential. In these instances, OPHS adheres to the highest standards of transparency about information sources, methods and analytical techniques. This influential information is in the form of scientific and technical reports. These reports compile, synthesize, and analyze state-of-the-art knowledge about high priority public health issues that have not previously received sufficient attention. The reports include data from published sources and the public domain, as well as expert opinion, consensus, and recommendations. The sources of underlying data are referenced in reports. Typically, the sponsoring or disseminating office does not conduct original research for these reports, although the office may convene Advisory Groups, Steering Committees, Coordinating Committees or similar bodies as well as take public comment. This input may become part of the report.