HHS Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated to the Public. III. Types of Information Disseminated by the IHS to the Public


IHS disseminates statistical reports and IHS policy and programmatic information to the public via the IHS web site and through IHS publications. The IHS website also contains links to other useful sites relating to health information and IHS related activities. The Indian Health Service (IHS) provides information to the public about the current IHS programs, clinical epidemiological data on American Indian and Alaska Natives(AI/AN), the projected scope and impact of IHS programs of AI/AN people in the future, and the effect of proposed changes to the IHS and tribal health care systems. Information products describe the impact of IHS programs on American Indian and Alaska Natives communities and upon its beneficiary populations. IHS provides detailed demographic and economic information on health benefits for AI/AN people. The IHS also provides information on research among AI/AN communities. IHS information products are used by government planners and policymakers as well as many actuaries, economists and other social scientists, the media and the public to analyze IHS programs and their impact on the health of the Indian Nation.