Health Practitioner Bonuses and Their Impact on the Availability and Utilization of Primary Care Services. 3. Impact of the Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) Bonus


E&M Eligible Claims

  • We focused only on the behavior of primary care physicians who are eligible for a HPSA bonus. We found that on average Medicare primary care physicians tend to submit about 17 more E&M claims annually specifically due to the gain of full HPSA status.7

Allowed Charges for E&M Services

  • Medicare primary care physicians who are located in counties that ever lost primary care HPSA status tend to have about $1,380 more allowed charges annually before the location lost full HPSA status.

7 Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) publishes Area Health Resource File (ARF) that includes HPSA status for each county within the US. For the purpose of our analysis we focus on primary care HPSA status. The ARF data classifies counties as full primary care HPSA if the whole county is considered as a HPSA.

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