Health Insurance Marketplace 2015 Open Enrollment Period: January Enrollment Report. Section I. Data for the 37 States Using the Platform


  • The Marketplaces in States are Continuing to Reach People Who Do Not Currently have Marketplace Coverage.

More than 7.1 million individuals have selected or been automatically reenrolled into 2015 Marketplace plans as of 1-16-15 in states (see Table 1). Of that total, 42 percent (3.0 million) are plan selections by new consumers who did not have a Marketplace plan selection as of November 2014, and 58 percent (nearly 4.2 million) are plan selections for consumers who are reenrolling in Marketplace coverage.


Table 1

2015 Marketplace Plan Selections in States Using the Platform By Enrollment Type Cumulative 11-15-14 to 1-16-15
Number % of Total
Total 2015 Marketplace Plan Selections in States (1) 7.16 million 100%
New Consumers 3.00 million 42%
Consumers Reenrolling in Marketplace Coverage (2) 4.16 million 58%

Notes: Numbers may not add to totals due to rounding
(1) Total 2015 Marketplace Plan Selections represents cumulative data on the number of unique individuals who have selected or been automatically reenrolled into a 2015 Marketplace medical plan for enrollment through the individual market Marketplaces (with or without the first premium payment having been received directly by the issuer). This is also known as pre-effectuated enrollment, because enrollment is not considered effectuated until the first premium payment is made, and this figure includes plan selections for which enrollment has not yet been effectuated. Individuals who have cancelled or terminated their Marketplace plans are not included in the total number of plan selections. These data also do not include: standalone dental plan selections; or individuals who may have selected a 2014 Marketplace plan during the reporting period, as a result of having been granted a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).
(2) Consumers reenrolling in Marketplace coverage includes data for consumers who actively reenrolled in Marketplace coverage, and data for automatic reenrollees. It is important to note that the preliminary reenrollment data in this report may include some individuals who were reenrolled in Marketplace coverage before 1-16-15, but who may ultimately decide not to retain Marketplace coverage for 2015 (for example, because they have obtained coverage through another source such as an employer or Medicaid/CHIP). We anticipate that to the extent possible, the plan selection data in future reports will exclude these individuals (e.g., due to the subsequent cancellation or termination of their coverage).
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as of 1-26-15.

  • Interest in the Marketplaces in States Continues to be High – During the first two months of the 2015 Open Enrollment period:
    • 21.8 million unique visitors used the and websites;
    • 9.5 million calls were made to the Marketplace call center for the states;
    • 6.9 million completed applications for 2015 coverage were submitted; and
    • 9.4 million individuals were included in these completed applications.6


Figure 1

6 A single completed application form that is submitted to the Marketplace can include multiple individual applicants from the same household.

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