Health Insurance Marketplace 2015 Open Enrollment Period: January Enrollment Report. C3 - Total Marketplace Plan Selections by Financial Assistance Status in States Using Their Own Marketplace Platforms, By State


Marketplace Plan Selections by Financial Assistance Status in State-Based Marketplaces Using Their Own Marketplace Platforms, By State, 2015 (1) 11-15-2014 to 1-17-2015
Description Total Number of Individuals Who Have
Selected a 2015 Marketplace Plan (2)
Plan Selections With Available
Data on Financial Assistance Status (3)
By Financial Assistance Status (4)
(% of Available Data, Excluding Unknown)
With Financial Assistance Without Financial Assistance
Number Number % %
State-Based Marketplaces (SBMs) Using Their Own Marketplace Platforms
California (5) 1,200,427 N/A N/A N/A
Colorado 122,381 122,381 53% 47%
Connecticut 91,139 91,139 77% 23%
District of Columbia Hawaii (7) 17,485 6,868 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Idaho (8) 90,567 90,567 79% 21%
Kentucky 93,677 93,677 69% 31%
Maryland (7) 92,658 90,525 73% 30%
Massachusetts (7) 97,088 N/A N/A N/A
Minnesota (6) 43,651 N/A N/A N/A
New York (9) 357,241 357,241 69% 31%
Rhode Island 26,108 26,108 88% 12%
Vermont 26,009 25,659 59% 41%
Washington 117,705 117,705 78% 22%
TOTAL – SBMs Using Their Own Marketplace Platforms 2,383,004 1,015,002 70% 30%

“N/A” means that the data for the respective metric is not yet available for a given state. Percentages in this table have been rounded. Some numbers may not add to totals due to rounding.
(1) Unless otherwise noted, the data in this table represent cumulative data on the number of unique individuals who have been determined eligible to enroll in a Marketplace plan, and have selected a Marketplace medical plan (with or without the first premium payment having been received by the issuer). These data do not include a count of the number of individuals who have selected a standalone dental plan; or individuals who may have selected a 2014 Marketplace plan during the reporting period, as a result of having been granted a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), however New York was unable to separate out SEP data for the period 11/15-14-12-31-14. . For additional technical notes, please refer to Appendix D of this report.
(2) For each metric, the data represent the total number of “Individuals Applying for 2015 Coverage in Completed Applications” who have selected a 2015 medical Marketplace plan for enrollment through the Marketplace (with or without the first premium payment having been received directly by the issuer) during the reference period, excluding plan selections with unknown data for a given metric. This is also known as pre-effectuated enrollment, because enrollment is not considered effectuated until the first premium payment is made, and this figure includes plan selections for which enrollment has not yet been effectuated.
(3) In some cases, the data for certain characteristics of Marketplace plan selections are not yet available. For this reason, for each metric, we have calculated the comparable percentages based on the number of plan selections with known data for that metric.
(4) Data on Marketplace plan selections with financial assistance includes plan selections for individuals who are receiving a premium tax credit and/or cost-sharing subsidy.
(5) California: The data that are being reported for California are for the following reporting period 11-15-14 --1-18-15. As of 1/18/15, plan selections for CA have been processed for 947,000 of 1,120,000 enrollees who entered the renewal process. As of 1-18-14, 0f the 947,000, 360,000 actively renewed their plan selections. The remaining 2014 enrollees are being transitioned to the Medicaid program or continue to be processed for renewal.
(6) Minnesota reports total plan selection data and re-enrollment data, but cannot breakout data on new enrollments because of an inability to distinguish new enrollments from reenrollments that were manually processed. As a result, the system also undercounts reenrollments.
(7) Total Marketplace plan selections do not include automatic reenrollees for the following four states: Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, and Massachusetts.
(8) Idaho is an SBM that changed Marketplace platforms for the 2015 coverage year (Idaho transitioned from using the platform to using its own platform). Additionally, Massachusetts and Maryland changed their eligibility and enrollment system vendors for the 2015 coverage year. All of the plan selections for these states are being treated as new consumers for operational enrollment and reporting purposes.
(9) New York is currently unable to distinguish between Marketplace plan selections for the 2014 coverage year and Marketplace plan selections for the 2015 coverage year during the period 11-15-2014-12/31-2014. Therefore, the plan selection data that are reported by New York may include a small number of plan selections from new consumers who were approved for a special enrollment period for 2014 Marketplace coverage between 11-15-14 and 12-31-2014.
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as of 1-26-15.

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