Health Insurance Marketplace 2015 Open Enrollment Period: January Enrollment Report. A1 – Marketplace Plan Selections by Gender, Age, Metal Level, Financial Assistance Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Rural Status in States Using the Platform


Characteristics States Using the Platform for the
2015 Coverage Year
(37 States)
Number 11-15-14 to 1-16-15 (2) % of Available Data, Excluding Unknown (3)
Total Who Have Selected a Marketplace Plan
Total Number of Individuals Who Have Selected or Been Automatically Reenrolled Into a 2015 Marketplace Plan 7,156,691 N/A
By Gender
Female 3,937,197 55%
Male 3,216,694 45%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Gender 7,153,891 100%
Unknown Gender 2,800 N/A
By Age
Age < 18 611,142 9%
Age 18-25 751,206 10%
Age 26-34 1,143,877 16%
Age 35-44 1,167,728 16%
Age 45-54 1,548,750 22%
Age 55-64 1,889,184 26%
Age ≥65 44,801 1%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Age (2) 7,156,688 100%
Unknown Age N/A N/A
Ages 18 to 34 1,895,083 26%
Ages 0 to 34 2,506,225 35%
By Metal Level
Bronze 1,388,715 19%
Silver 4,992,071 70%
Gold 522,425 7%
Platinum 203,577 3%
Catastrophic 49,903 1%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Metal Level (4) 7,156,691 100%
Standalone Dental 1,089,834 N/A
Unknown Metal Level 0 N/A
By Financial Assistance Status
With Financial Assistance 6,210,815 87%
Without Financial Assistance 945,875 13%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Financial Assistance (2) 7,156,690 100%
Unknown Financial Assistance Status N/A N/A
By Self-Reported Race/Ethnicity
American Indian / Alaska Native 21,604 0%
Asian 399,829 8%
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 4,097 0%
African-American 640,233 14%
Latino 471,051 10%
White 3,142,230 66%
Multiracial 62,507 1%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Self-Reported Race/Ethnicity 4,741,551 100%
Unknown Race/Ethnicity 2,415,140 N/A
By Rural Status
In ZIP Codes Designated as Rural 1,255,383 18%
In ZIP Codes Designated as Urban 5,901,398 82%
Subtotal: Plan Selections With Available Data on Rural Status 7,156,681 100%
Unknown Rural Status N/A N/A

Notes: Percentages in this table have been rounded.  Some numbers may not add to totals due to rounding.

(1) Unless otherwise noted, the data in this table represent cumulative data on the number of unique individuals who have been determined eligible to enroll in a Marketplace plan, and have selected a Marketplace medical plan (with or without the first premium payment having been received by the issuer).  Individuals who have cancelled or terminated their Marketplace plans are not included in the total number of plan selections.  These data also do not include:  standalone dental plan selections; or individuals who may have selected a 2014 Marketplace plan during the reporting period, as a result of having been granted a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).  For additional technical notes, please refer to Appendix D of this report.

(2) For each metric, the data represent the total number of “Individuals Applying for 2015 Coverage in Completed Applications” who have selected a 2015 medical Marketplace plan for enrollment through the Marketplace (with or without the first premium payment having been received directly by the issuer) during the reference period, excluding plan selections with unknown data for a given metric. This is also known as pre-effectuated enrollment, because enrollment is not considered effectuated until the first premium payment is made, and this figure includes plan selections for which enrollment has not yet been effectuated.

(3) In some cases, the data for certain characteristics of Marketplace plan selections are not yet available.  For this reason, for each metric, we have calculated the comparable percentages based on the number of plan selections with known data for that metric.

(4) The subtotals for each metal tier type do not sum to the total number due to a small number of individuals (0.1%) who have multiple 2015 Marketplace plan selections in the system that will be resolved through data cleanup processes.  Data for standalone dental plan selections are shown separately in this section, but are not included in any of the other metrics in this table.

Source:  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as of 1-26-15.

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