Health Insurance Marketplace 2015: Average Premiums After Advance Premium Tax Credits Through January 30 in 37 States Using the Healthcare.Gov Platform. More than 8 in 10 Individuals in the Marketplace Receive an Advance Premium Tax Credit in the 37 States Using the Platform


In all 37 states using the platform, the large majority of individuals selecting or being automatically reenrolled into a Marketplace plan qualify for an advance premium tax credit, with almost 6.5 million individuals qualifying for an advance premium tax credit. Across all 37 states using the platform, 87 percent of individuals with a plan selection qualify for an advance premium tax credit.3,4 Based on plan selections and re-enrollments as of January 30, 2015 for the current open enrollment period, advance premium tax credits are estimated to reduce premiums by over $1 billion a month for individuals selecting health insurance coverage through the Marketplaces in the 37 states using the platform.5

3 An individual qualifying for an advance premium tax credit was defined as any individual with an APTC amount >$0.
4 Averages in this brief refer to plan-selection-weighted averages across individuals with plan selections with advance premium tax credits in the 37 states.
5 Data included in this report are based on plan selections as of January 30, 2015. APTC payments are made on effectuated policies (rather than plan selections), and as such actual APTC payment amounts paid may differ. Information regarding effectuated enrollment and payment from the financial system will be available at a later date.

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