Health Insurance Marketplace 2015: Average Premiums After Advance Premium Tax Credits Through January 30 in 37 States Using the Healthcare.Gov Platform. Average Premiums


For the purposes of this analysis, an individual qualifying for an advance premium tax credit is defined as any individual with an advance premium tax credit greater than $0. Averages for gross premiums, advance premium tax credits, and net premiums after applicable advance premium tax credits are taken over all individual enrollees qualifying for an advance premium tax credit with non-zero advance premium tax credit amounts in the MIDAS database.
The advance premium tax credit amounts used in this report reflect the amounts active in MIDAS when the data were analyzed. Some individuals have elected to take a smaller advance premium tax credit than they were eligible for and instead will receive the remaining amount when they file their taxes in 2016. In addition, for individuals automatically re-enrolled in 2015 coverage, the APTC was held constant at the amount the individual was eligible for in 2014 unless individuals actively updated household income. Thus, data on advance premium tax credits for auto-enrolled individuals may not reflect any changes in household income or in the benchmark premium for the second-lowest cost silver health plan in 2015. Due to these factors, the estimates in this report may vary from the actual after-tax-credit premiums individuals will pay for 2015 coverage.

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