Health, Housing, and Service Supports for Three Groups of People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness. 7. Segue to the Remaining Papers


This paper provides an overview of the types of chronically homeless people who may benefit from PSH and the types of care they are likely to need and receive while PSH tenants. It has not delved deeply into the details of Medicaid reimbursement for covered services, nor has it focused at all on the strategies that have been developed to facilitate this population’s access to SSI and Medicaid. Other Issue Papers in this series delve deeper into issues of Medicaid (Wilkins, Burt, and Mauch, Issue Paper 2), SSI (Burt and Wilkins, Issue Paper 3), and the role of public housing agencies in ending homelessness through supportive housing for chronically homeless people with disabilities (Wilkins and Burt, Issue Paper 4).

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