Health, Housing, and Service Supports for Three Groups of People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness. 5.1. Supportive Services Funding for People in Group 2


People in this group will most likely enter PSH that has been developed by (or in partnership with) a homeless service-provider, a HCH program, an affordable housing developer, or an organization that provides a fairly comprehensive array of social services such as a community action agency.7 These agencies often provide PSH to people in all three of the groups described in this paper, using housing resources and supportive services funding streams that are not restricted to people with SMIs or those who are enrolled in Medicaid. In comparison to Group 1, however, access to supportive services is likely to be much easier for members of Group 2. PSH service-providers may be able to receive Medicaid reimbursement for providing covered services to them, and enrollment in Medicaid makes it easier for them to get prescribed medications and access to additional health care or treatment services from other providers in the community.

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