Giving Noncustodial Parents Options: Employment and Child Support Outcomes of the SHARE Program. Research Questions


The broad purpose of this study was to document more fully the operation and outcomes of a program for NCPs that uses "carrots" and "sticks"  both positive incentives and compliance enforcement  to encourage participation. Specifically, the SHARE outcomes study was designed to address questions in two key areas:

  1. Program Participation. To what extent did SHARE reach the population targeted for its services? Given the defined consequences for failing to pay child support and failing to participate in SHARE, to what extent did NCPs appear or not appear at their contempt hearings? What choices did NCPs make at the hearings?
  2. Program Outcomes. To what extent did SHARE participants increase their employment, earnings, and child support payments after being referred to the program? How are outcomes in these areas different for NCPs who appeared at their contempt hearing and for those who did not? How are they different for NCPs who, after appearing at their hearing, were referred to WtW services and for those who were not?

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