Giving Noncustodial Parents Options: Employment and Child Support Outcomes of the SHARE Program. Participation in SHARE


Finding and engaging their intended participants is one challenge that programs aiming to serve NCPs and other unattached males commonly encounter. Therefore, before exploring the outcomes of SHARE, it is important to examine the extent to which this initiative was able to reach out to and engage its target population.

One feature that sets SHARE apart from other programs targeting NCPs is the strong role that child support enforcement and prosecuting attorneys play in this collaboration. In their review of 11 WtW programs targeting NCPs, Martinson et al. (2000) note that SHARE was the only program that relied entirely on child support enforcement agencies for identification and recruitment of WtW-eligible NCPs. SHARE also was the only program featuring mandatory participation in employment servicesВ  NCPs who indicated that they were unable to find work and pay support on their own were referred to WtW services under threat of incarceration if they did not participate. SHARE also had features that administrators viewed as important "carrots" to promote participation, including temporary modification of child support orders and the possibility of waiving arrearages.

In this chapter, we examine how effective SHARE was in reaching out to and engaging NCPs who were not meeting their child support obligations. First, we examine the flow of NCPs through the programВ  that is, the number of NCPs referred by DCS, the number appearing in court, the number referred for WtW services, and the number with bench warrants issued for their arrest. Second, we explore how long the process took to identify, establish contact with, and reach resolution of the referred NCP cases. We also examine how cases were resolved from YCPA's perspective and discuss common reasons for nonparticipation.

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