Frontline Supervisor Survey Instrument Report. SURVEY MODIFICATIONS


The following modifications to the survey have been made based on the cognitive interviews and on feedback we received from ASPE :

  • Question 7 -- the task “Directly respond to client/resident complaints about DCW performance” has been removed.

  • Question 7i -- “Conduct on-the-job clinical training activities”: The word “activities” has been removed.

  • Question 10 -- We have added the word “Training” at the top of the table for clarification.

  • Question 32 -- “Do you currently work for pay at another job as a supervisor of direct care workers?” has been changed to “What is your gender?”

  • Added “Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?” before we ask the respondent to indicate their race, and “Hispanic or Latina/Latino” has been removed as a category to check for race.

  • The categories for race have been reordered alphabetically.

The revised version of the survey is shown in Appendix C.

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