Frontline Supervisor Survey Instrument Report. SCOPE OF DOMAINS MEASURED


The domains included for the Supervisor Survey are adopted from the BJBC Clinical Manager and Direct Care Worker Surveys, thereby allowing frontline supervisors (a middle layer) to respond to questions about the activities related to BJBC interventions. The overlap in the domains from the larger study is intentional. Responses will be used to enhance the validity of the data in determining the effects of BJBC interventions on DCW job outcomes, as well as to determine the role supervisors play in the effectiveness of interventions. Table 2 summarizes the domains associated with the three broader research questions, and Appendix D lists the survey items associated with each domain. We will use the domains to compare what clinical managers think is happening to what supervisors are really doing. We will use the information about supervisors to see the extent to which clinical managers and frontline supervisors agree on management practices. Domains will be used to determine: (a) how the agreement between clinical managers and supervisors’ perceptions affect DCW outcomes; and (b) how frontline supervisors perceptions of management practices affect DCW job quality and turnover.

TABLE 2. Research Domains
Research Questions Domains
1. Are intended management practices implemented at the front lines? Training
Management Practices
Job Characteristics
Perceptions of Organizational Culture  
BJBC Perceptions
Job Improvements
2. Do management practices affect the quality of supervision of DCWs? Competence
Perception of Quality
Job Rewards
Job Concerns
Respect I
Intent to Leave
3a. Do management practices affect DCW turnover? 3b. Do management practices affect DCWs’ perceptions of job quality? Perceptions of Organization Culture
BJBC Perceptions
Job Improvements
Management Practices
Job Characteristics

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