Frontline Supervisor Survey Data Collection Report. Identifying the Population


Once finalized, the Penn State Survey Research Center sent a recruitment e-mail (Appendix B) and Supervisor Identification Instrument via e-mail to the clinical manager at each BJBC provider organization. Those without e-mail were contacted by phone and sent the task list by fax. The recruitment letter explained that we were planning to survey staff “who have a role in supervising direct care workers” and were asked to “indicate the staff member(s) responsible for each task listed.” Clinical managers then were asked to return the identification instrument via e-mail or fax to the project manager at the Survey Research Center. The project manager used the screening criteria to determine if individuals listed on the identification instrument met our definition of a supervisor. If an individual did not meet the criteria, the project manager contacted the clinical manager to clarify the role of the individual and to verify the tasks reported to determine whether or not he or she was a supervisor. To obtain identification instruments from as many providers as possible, the project manager made anywhere from three to ten follow-up attempts using a variety of different methods including phone, fax, e-mail, regular mail, and express mail.

The Survey Research Center developed and programmed a secure Web tool to manage the survey process and track responses. Supervisors who met the definition were entered into the database. To ensure confidentiality, only the Survey Research Center staff had access to the names of respondents included on the identification instrument. Supervisors in the database received an internal identification number for tracking non-respondents to the Supervisor Survey so that follow-up procedures could be carried out when the survey was administered.

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