Frontline Supervisor Survey Data Collection Report. APPENDIX E: Follow-up Cover Letter




A few weeks ago, you should have received a survey regarding the Better Jobs, Better Care project. To the best of our knowledge, it’s not yet been returned. If you have already completed and returned the survey to us, thank you. We appreciate your willingness to be a part of this important project.

We are writing again because of the importance your survey has for helping us to get accurate results. We’re enclosing another copy of the survey in case you misplaced the copy we sent you before. There is no need to respond at this time if you have already returned the survey you received a few weeks ago.

To remind you, the purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of changes in your workplace on direct care worker job quality and retention. We have received responses from a number of staff, but need to hear from everyone to ensure that the results are representative of all long-term care provider organizations. Information that you provide in this survey will help us to better understand issues concerning the direct care workforce in long-term care. Overall, this information may help to improve the quality of the direct care workforce, which can ultimately affect the quality of care received by long term care consumers.

The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and your answers to the survey questions will be kept confidential by the Survey Research Center. If this research is published, no information that would identify you will be written. You do not have to answer any questions you feel uncomfortable answering. There are no risks in participating in this research beyond those experienced in everyday life. Some of the benefits from participating in this survey are that you may gain a better understanding of how you view your current job and how changes in your workplace affect how you feel about your job. Overall, this information may help to improve the quality of your job, which will ultimately affect the quality of care your patients/residents/clients receive.

To help us protect your privacy, we have obtained a Certificate of Confidentiality from the National Institutes of Health. With this Certificate, the researchers cannot be forced to disclose information that may identify you, even by a court subpoena, in any federal, state, or local civil, criminal, administrative, legislative, or other proceedings. The researchers will use the Certificate to resist any demands for information that would identify you. The Certificate cannot be used to resist a demand for information from personnel of the United States Government that is used for auditing or evaluation of Federally funded projects or for information that must be disclosed in order to meet the requirements of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You should understand that a Certificate of Confidentiality does not prevent you or a member of your family from voluntarily releasing information about yourself or your involvement in this research. If an insurer, employer, or other person obtains your written consent to receive research information, then the researchers may not use the Certificate to withhold that information.

You may ask questions about this research by contacting David Johnson at (814) 863-0170. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, contact Penn State’s Office for Research Protections at (814) 865-1775. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary and you may end your participation at any time by not completing the survey. The Office for Research Protections and the Social Science Institutional Review Board may review records related to this project. By completing and returning the survey, you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years of age and consent to participate in this study. Please keep this form for your records or future reference.

After completing the survey, please return it in the postage paid envelope provided. We greatly appreciate your input.


The Penn State Research Team

An Equal Opportunity University

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