Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Transaction Standards Adopted Under HIPAA. How can the standards be changed?


The Secretary has designated six organizations that have agreed to serve as Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations (DSMOs). The DSMOs are:

  1. Accredited Standards Committee X12
  2. The Dental Content Committee
  3. Health Level Seven
  4. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
  5. National Uniform Billing Committee
  6. National Uniform Claim Committee

These organizations will work together to accept and evaluate requests for changes to the standards and suggest changes to the standards for the Secretary’s consideration. Further information about the change request process can be found on the Internet at: .

The Secretary may modify a standard or its implementation guide specification one year after the standard or implementation specification has been adopted, but not more frequently than once every 12 months. If the Secretary modifies a standard or implementation specification, the implementation date of the modified standard or implementation specification may be no earlier than 180 days following the adoption of the modification. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will determine the actual date, taking into account the time needed to comply given the nature and extent of the modification. HHS may extend the time for compliance for small health plans. Standards modifications will be published as regulations in the Federal Register.