Fixing to Change: A Best Practices Assessment of One-Stop Job Centers Working With Welfare Recipients. Chapter 1: Five One-Stop Models

This study focuses on five local One-Stop models for its analysis. While these sites may not be the "five best One-Stop job center models" in the country, they were certainly considered among the best by their peers and other national associations and researchers at the time of site selection.

The five sites included are:

  • Workforce Development Center, Marshalltown, Iowa;
  • Kenosha County Job Center, Kenosha, Wisconsin;
  • Tarrant County Employment Network, Fort Worth, Texas;
  • Northwest Michigan JobNet, Traverse City, Michigan; and
  • Whatcom County NetWork Consortium, Bellingham, Washington.

These five selected locations work with most segments of the welfare population and have employed various methods and philosophies in providing service to this population. All have demonstrated some success at moving welfare recipients from cash assistance into work. Although not every useful aspect of the One-Stop concept can be captured by just five sites, these sites provide a broad spectrum of information and insight from which we can learn.