The Feasibility of Using Electronic Health Data for Research on Small Populations. Acknowledgement


We would like to acknowledge the contributions of Michael Millman, our project officer from the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, who has provided vital guidance and detailed edits and participated in all of our interviews and meetings.

We would also like to recognize the members of our Technical Expert Panel (TEP) who provided guidance and insights during a day-long discussion of this project and the two white papers that make up this report. Several members of the TEP took the additional time to offer detailed edits and input that significantly strengthened this report. These efforts are much appreciated.

Finally, we are grateful to the many knowledgeable federal officials and subject matter experts who agreed to participate in the tremendously informative and detailed discussions that contributed to this report. We list individuals who played a part in this project as TEP members and key interviewees in the Appendices to this report.

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