Feasibility Study for the Evaluation of DHHS Programs That Are or May Be Operated Under Tribal Self-Governance. Tribal Consultation in Development of Any Future Evaluation


In the sections below, three illustrative evaluation models are presented and used to assess and discuss the feasibility of an evaluation of DHHS programs that may be managed by Tribes under a new Self-Governance demonstration. It is important to note, again, that this project was intended to provide information helpful to the design of an evaluation. The Evaluation Feasibility study was not designed to produce a definitive evaluation design and methodology.  Any evaluation that might be considered, at some future time, would be developed with a consultation process between DHHS and the Tribes. Results of this Study are intended only to provide information on feasible options for an evaluation and considerations that can be used by DHHS and the Tribes as part of their consultation about the type of evaluation that could be conducted and the range of issues that could be addressed.