Feasibility Study for the Evaluation of DHHS Programs That Are or May Be Operated Under Tribal Self-Governance. Description of Three Illustrative Evaluation Models for Assessment of the  Feasibility of Evaluating DHHS Programs that May Be Operated by Tribes Under a Self-Governance Demonstration


Three illustrative evaluation models were developed to provide a structure for assessing the feasibility of conducting an evaluation of DHHS programs that may be operated by Tribes under a Self-Governance demonstration.  These illustrative models range from comprehensive examination of a wide range of issues to a limited examination of targeted priority issues to very limited examination of issues using aggregate reporting data. Each of the three illustrative evaluation models are described in detail in Appendix D to this report, with respect to underlying assumptions, research questions to be examined, comparison group strategies, and data necessary for the evaluation approach. In addition, generic cost estimates were prepared for each of these models. A description and details of these cost estimates are provided in Appendix E.  Below, each of these models is briefly described and feasibility considerations are discussed.