Feasibility Study for the Evaluation of DHHS Programs That Are or May Be Operated Under Tribal Self-Governance. Data Availability


Evaluation research requires that data be available for the pre-intervention period, for the post-intervention period, and for appropriate comparison groups.  Based on findings from the site visits and the discussion groups, it is likely that pre-intervention data would be available for  DHHS programs, which might be authorized by Congress for inclusion in a new demonstration, for Tribes that currently manage those programs under contracts.  For Tribes that would choose to participate in the potential demonstration and did not previously manage specific programs under contract, it would be necessary to create a pre-demonstration baseline that could be used to evaluate the DHHS programs managed under a new Self-Governance demonstration. 

In general, it would be possible to develop data collection protocols and strategies to obtain the data necessary for evaluation of DHHS programs managed under a new Self-Governance demonstration.  The complexity and costs of such data collection would vary depending on the specific evaluation issues that were of interest, the unit of observation for which data were desired, and comparison groups that were used to evaluate the programs.