Feasibility Study for the Evaluation of DHHS Programs That Are or May Be Operated Under Tribal Self-Governance. Costs to DHHS and to the Participating Tribes


While it would be possible to design an evaluation of DHHS programs that may be managed by Tribes under a Self-Governance demonstration and to collect necessary data, the costs of the evaluation and data collection activities could be so high as to render the evaluation infeasible.  DHHS has limited funds available for research and evaluation and, if the costs of an evaluation were very large, that would render the evaluation infeasible.  In addition, if a particular evaluation strategy imposed significant costs and data reporting burden on Tribes, it is likely that few Tribes would support the evaluation and volunteer to participate.  Alternatively, if DHHS assumed full responsibility for data collection and reporting costs incurred by Tribes, this would increase the cost of the evaluation to DHHS.