Family Members' Views: What is Quality in Assisted Living Facilities Providing Care to People with Dementia?. 2.3 Site Selection


Site selection was a two-stage process. First, based on its work on the ASPE Assisted Living project, RTI identified those metropolitan areas with the highest known concentration of assisted living facilities, as of 1995. Second, we worked with the Alzheimer's Association to select all these potential sites. Our criteria were that (1) the local chapter had to be willing to provide considerable assistance in setting up the focus groups; (2) the local chapter had to be able to locate and make contact with family members of persons with dementia whose relatives were currently living in or recently discharged from an assisted living facility; (3) we would be able to participants whose family members were residing in several different assisted living facilities. On these criteria, the following local Chapters of the Alzheimer's Association were asked to participate and agreed to do so:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Northern Virginia
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Portland, Oregon

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