Families on TANF in South Carolina: Employment Assets and Liabilities. Table F.2. Other Personal and Family Issues That May Be Barriers to Employment


  Percentage Unless Stated Otherwise
Time Limited with No Exemptions/Extensions
Time Limited with Temporary Work Exemptions
Time Limited with Extensions Granted
Possible Presence of a Learning Disability
8.9% 21.5% 9.8% 11.7%
Child or other family member with a health problem or special need
10.7% 24.1% 9.8% 13.6%
Difficulty with English because it is not native language
1.5% 1.4% 1.4% 1.5%
Criminal record 10.9% 9.3% 9.8% 10.5%
Sample Size 466 487 143 1,120


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